Never Forgetting the Victims & Their Families

Anthony Limone, Sr.

How could I ever explain the void since my dad’s death almost thirty years ago?  On July 16, 1977 my family set off for a week of summer fun at our house in Cape Cod, MA.  Early that morning we got the call that everyone dreads: there had been an accident.  It was about 7:00am and we were here in NJ so it was hard to confirm what had actually happened. We quickly found out that there was indeed an accident and there had been two fatalities. One was my fiancée’s seventeen year old sister the other my thirteen year old cousin. My father was to under go surgery.

Driving up to the Cape was a long grueling trek not knowing whether my father had survived the surgery or not. He did survive the operation only to succumb two weeks later on July 31, 1977.
This was three months before I was getting married. An event my father was so looking forward to, but never got to attend all because of someone’s irresponsible need to drink and drive.
Anthony “Babe” Limone was a husband, a father, a friend and so much more.  However, the drunk driver who took his life did not know this nor did he care.  He made a decision to drink and drive without caring how it might affect these families, and as a result our lives have never been the same since that dreadful day in July.

written by his daughter Rose Lynn Shawah