Never Forgetting the Victims & Their Families

Ana Summers
Age 20

Ana was born to Kimball Summers and Teresa Soto de Summers.  She lived in Mexico with her mother until she was seven, when she moved to the United States to live with her father.  She always questioned where she belonged, having a Mexican mother and an American father.  The drunk driver that killed her decided she belonged in heaven with God.

Ana developed into a beautiful woman but never was able to accomplish much.  At age 20, she was killed by a 21 year old man who decided to drink all afternoon and then drive 90 m.p.h. to get to work.  He snuffed out her young life.

She was a passenger on the back of a motorcycle and upon impact, her body flew fifty feet in the air and landed in a parking lot and she died instantly of a broken neck.  In death, she was still beautiful.

Since she was the only girl with seven brothers, it was devastating to the family.  She had the role of second mother to her siblings.  Her mother often lights candles in her memory.  Since she died in the United States, her mother could not even plan or attend the funeral which leaves, to this day, no closure for her.

The trial was attended by her brother, Tony.  In disbelief he heard these words from the judge, “Not guilty”.  Those words echo over and over in his ears and has made the justice system a joke to him.  How could he be “not guilty” when he took two lives?  God is left to judge the drunk driver and the judge.

When anyone met Ana, she left a warm impression.  Her memorial service was overflowing with people who could not hide their distress. The family of Ana continues to survive, but their family tree is broken due to the missing branch.

Submitted by Tony Summers